Using Private Label Rights To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

There are more ways to use private label rights than I could ever possibly begin to list. From using PLR to create your own products to using PLR as blog content, to using PLR for incentivized list building and everything in between.

For you affiliate marketers, there are even ways for you to use PLR content to help in your affiliate marketing business.

Here’s just a few techniques you can put to use…

Tactic #1: Create a giveaway product – Having your own squeeze page that gives a killer offer away is key to your success as an affiliate marketer. You can easily create a high quality product that you can give away from your squeeze page using nothing but PLR content.

Tactic #2: Create a website – Many times you’ll get tons of website templates that you have PLR to. You can use these to build squeeze pages, review sites, and more.

Tactic #3: Create a blog – It’s very easy to use ebooks, videos, and/or articles on a blog that you run. You can break the content up and post it, and then put links to products related to your niche that you’re an affiliate for.

Tactic #4: Create bonus packages – One way to make a lot of sales for a product is to create bonus products that only you are offering to those who purchase products through your affiliate links. Use PLR products to create several of these and you’ll have your very own bonus package!

Tactic #5: Create promotional articles – You can also take PLR articles rewrite them in your own words, put your affiliate link in the resources/author bio section and submit to all the article directories. Remember that each article is like a little salesmen out there selling for you!

Just these five tactics above if you put them in place could double, triple, and even more your affiliate marketing profits.

Take a minute, look through our PLR content library and see how many of these products fit into your business model.