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*Lead dates range from  Jan-November.  There may be a small amount of leads dated prior but it is very small compared to the total leads received.   Lead totals are approximate.

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In just a few minutes, you will own absolutely everything you need to start your own successful online Lead Broker Business selling HOT leads and services. In order for any business venture to be successful, it must have 4 components:

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High quality product(s):-
We guarantee you are getting nothing less than top quality leads and software. These leads when we purchased them were the best of the best.
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Product(s) with high market demand:-
The demand for lead is almost unlimited. Almost everyone marketing on the internet needs them. The market for products is almost unlimited.
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Effective marketing materials:-
We also provide excellent bonus materials to show you better ways to market via the internet. *see below
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Wide Range of Leads:-
We realize that many people want to use different types of leads that’s why we have so many..

These leads have been purchased after years of being in the broker business, mainly for my own use – and a few clients so you can rest assured that you’ll be selling top quality which are in very high demand. 

Frankly they cost me in tens of thousands of dollars to obtain.

I’ll even throw in some “surprise bonuses” with resell rights only if you get it right now.

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Quality Alert:-We have invested a lot of time, money, research and development into these leads mainly for ourselves; you can be assured you are getting nothing less than top quality leads that you will be proud to offer to your clients
I’ve bought this package every year for the past 6 years!I use these leads for the entire year and there is absolutely no better deal anywhere at anytime on the internet!John Sharbanoe
Empower Network
The best part is you do not need to put in lots of work to get started on your business – we have done all the work for you. All you need to do is download the leads, put them on your web site or use them in your marketing method of choice and start making money right away.Warning:-
But you have to grab them right now before they are all gone. This is a very time-limited sale and will be closed once we sell 20 copies. It could even be today. The demand for these lead lists are so hot that we do not expect this offer to last more than just a few days. Also, the prices will be going up as you read this!
So how do you make money with these leads?
  • Sell them on your web site
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What can you do with this package? email lists Use the leads yourself using voice or email broadcasting.
These are top quality leads and are in such great demand that almost every internet marketer needs them. You can use them yourself to grow your existing business.
email lists Sell the leads in smaller files
You can sell the leads in smaller file at $47-$197
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You own the leads – you can sell them in virtually any way you see fit. The larger file retail all the time for $399 to $4000
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*Please note that due to high fraudulent orders when we offer large lead packages, we DO NOT give instant download to the databases.  We verify all orders by phone and our merchant provider runs checks as well.

NOTE: If you order with PayPal you may be required to provide a photo ID before leads will be delivered

If you do not wish to provide photo ID you can pay with Liberty Reserve Below

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Disclaimer: The income examples on this website are just that – examples. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. You understand that each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, effort and motivation to work. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any of the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.  We do not accept any responsibility after the leads are sold or how they are used.  Every person MUST use compliant marketing techniques.  As with any leads, people opt out from many different users so it is up to you to keep your lists as clean as possible and to honor any removals.  Deliverability varies according to many factors and we do no claim that these leads are deliverable by any specific percentage.  We are giving EXTREME value and they come as is.