Death, Taxes and This Home Business System

With all of the conflicting information around it’s a wonder that anyone makes money anymore. So many people have been fooled into thinking that there’s a business where they can get in, make money and get rich without ever investing a dime and without needing to work. I’m not sure where it started but in 16 years of trying, I’ve never found one. I guess that’s obvious because I’m writing this. Had I found THAT business, I’d be living in Hawaii overlooking the ocean with a Pina Colata as well as a hammock.

Actually, I have been on the other end of web based business since 1996 selling leads and marketing services to people who were trying to hit it big on the Internet. Due to this experience, I have experienced every type of strategy out there. I’ve seen some good ones and some bad ones (mostly bad) but regardless of what system you use, the end result is consistently that 97% of those that try will fail.

I’ve seen smart individuals with great work ethic fail miserably. I’ve seen really dumb, lazy, people fail and I’ve seen everyone in-between fail. In the rare cases when people succeed, the success is huge so I started to pay close attention to only those who were succeeding. The failures were for the usual reasons of laziness, naivety, unrealistic expectations and just bad companies so when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

There are a few ways of making a residual income that can produce a huge payoff but in most all cases, 90% of the success comes from the talents and energy of the person working the system. This is true of most big successes so these systems are not reliable when applied by less capable or ambitious people.

There is one system that I’ve seen since the start of online business that has worked 100% of the time it has been properly applied. I stress the word properly because even though the system is simple, it is very easy to do it wrong. With every little thing in it’s proper place, this one system works for anyone regardless of their level of experience or drive. Even those who don’t want to work are able to benefit and actually become financially successful.

The difficulty has been that a small number of people have all of the necessary pieces of the puzzle. There are some resources that put these pieces out of the budget of many of us so it is like the old saying, “it takes money to make money.” It also requires a certain level of access to resources that can be costly.

Because of these difficulties people are forced to join businesses with only a portion of the puzzle solved. There’s never been unfettered access to a system and the resources required to run it.

Until Now……

Just the other day one of my buddies came to me and asked me to borrow money for his utility bill. He promised to pay me back when he got his unemployment check in a few days.

This made me very sad and I needed to help him. The problem is that he enjoys his unemployment check and really doesn’t see the value in starting something that could jeopardize the amount of money he received. This seemed really odd in my opinion until I gave it some thought….

The problem is that people don’t really assume that they can improve their money situation with their own web based business. So many people fail that even those who try don’t truly believe that they can get rich. This is very understandable when you actually start talking to people who have tried and failed. I’ve never heard anyone who failed actually taking responsibility for their failure. There are so many reasons that they failed and all of the reasons are exactly the same. No support, no customers, and onand onand on.

What the real issue is, is that nobody showed them how to advertise effectively. With the right sort of advertising and follow-up systems in place the only real work involved is managing the advancement of the business. This may be an obvious problem but there is an amazing lack of solutions to this problem.

That’s why this system is so amazing and why it works 100% of the time.

It eliminates monthly, out of pocket costs.

It eliminates wasted time dealing with losers.

It eliminates the need to be talking to people all day long, everyday.

It only delivers growth.

The growth rate varies based on the efforts of the individual but growth occurs in spite of a lack of effort. It’s all in the system if the system is right.

This one is.

Please let me help you make money online with the same system that the true internet gurus have utilized to earn $25k in one day, over and over again.

Watch the movie I created and you’ll see precisely how powerful, affordable and exciting this team and this system is!

If there is anything in this world that you can count on it’s Death, Taxes and This Home Business System!

See you at the top!

Michael Flores
M&G Home Business