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With over 16 years providing high quality leads to businesses of all sizes, we know what you need. Even more, we know that making a profit is the goal of every purchase you make for your business. Our High End Leads Feed delivers leads that would cost you 100's and even 1000's of dollars to acquire anywhere else, at a cost that is pennies on the dollar.

This amazing feed delivers leads that we provide at costs from 3 cents to 1.25 each lead. The leads are generated and sold in real-time to our front end clients. We then hold them for a few days, scrub them to remove any data that would be dangerous to your business and upload them for you to download and use. This is a truly High End Feed.

Decision Makers

We include our partial buyers and buyer leads with this feed. This means that you have the contact information of people who have actually spent money online or people who have clicked a buy button but have not completed the sale. Either way, you have people who are actively searching to buy a product or join a business opportunity.

Buyers And Partial Buyers

These are leads generated when people either purchase a business opportunity information package or they fill out all of the form details but for some reason to not actually pay for the product. Both types of leads are extremely valuable and responsive. We upload these files 5 to 15 days after they are generated for you to download.

Scrubbed Real-Time Leads

We provide high-quality, real-time leads to our clients who pay from $.05 to $1.25 for each individual lead. We deliver their order, wait 3 to 5 days and then we scrub them using a complete data hygiene system. When these realtime leads are ready, we upload them to our high-end data feed for you to access, download and profit from. This feed alone is worth several times the monthly cost.

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  • 2nd Pass Real Time Leads
  • Bizop Buyer Leads
  • Bizop Partial Buyer Leads
  • Double Opt In Consumer Leads
  • SRC3 Data Leads
  • Scrubbed High End Aged Leads
  • Great For Email Marketing
  • Great For Tele-Marketing
  • Great For SMS Marketing
  • Great For Direct Mail Marketing

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