Expiring Content Plugin


Expiring Content Plugin

Now You Can Easily Create Limited-Time Offers and Time-Sensitive Content all From Within the Familiar WordPress Dashboard!

Automating Systems is the Key to Business Success

As a smart business owner, you know that well-planned systems are what keep your business running smoothly. Even more, if you can automate those systems, you can walk away from your office and know the work is getting done – without any need for reminders or extra support staff.

And the Expiring Content Plugin makes automating your WordPress content super easy, with…

  • An easy-to-install plugin that works right in your dashboard.
  • The ability to turn any content block on based on the date you choose.
  • The ability to turn any content block off after a specific date.
  • A simple interface anyone can use – even if you’re not the least bit technical.
  • Works equally well for text, photos, buy buttons, video, and even sign-up forms – any content you can place inside a WordPress post or page can be scheduled independently of the post itself.

You see, unlike the post scheduler built into WordPress, this plugin works only on pieces of the post – which means you can automatically schedule buy buttons and other calls to action to exactly match your promotions.
Imagine What this Powerful Tool Can Do for Your Business

How many times have you written a blog post about a special event or sale you know your readers will want to know about? You always worry that people will find the post long after the event is over (and the do), and be left wondering what happened to the deal.

You can use the Expiring Content Plugin to…

  • Manage “lessons” for members who rely on your training to learn valuable business skills.
  • Create a limited-time opt-in offer.
  • Create a “fast action bonus” with an expiration date – after that date, the bonus dissappears.
  • Create a sale page in which the price increases at pre-defined intervals to encourage visitors to take action now!
  • Set up a fun quiz for your visitors in which every day reveals another clue.
  • …or in any other situation where you need to add content on a specific day and don’t want to worry about missing a deadline!

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