Email Marketing Subject Lines – Pique Curiosity with a Question

Newsletter TrainingYour recipients’ email inboxes are flooded with messages every day. Many of them are offering excellent promotions. How do you make your emails stand out from all the noise? You do so by piquing your readers’ curiosity and a good way to do this is with questions.

It’s only natural that when you see a question, you want to know the answer. This is the logic behind the question subject line. The reader sees the question and thinks they want to know the answer, even if they don’t think they want to read the whole message. They open the message and are then drawn in by your compelling opening.

But here’s the only drawback – you have to actually answer the question! Or at least answer it in such a way that it satisfies the reader.

An example would be something like, ‘What’s the best way to drive traffic?’ Your email doesn’t have to answer this question fully, and it can’t because there really is no objective ‘best’ way. However, it can discuss a few of the most common traffic methods and then offer a link to a report that has more.

The subject line is all important because it’s what gets your recipient to either open your message or throw it in the trash. A question subject line is a good way to get them to open the message, as long as you deliver on the subject line’s promise. The best way to find out what works for your list is to test. Run two identical messages with only the subject line changed and see which performs better.

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