Delivering Leads Since 1996

 Begin Marketing has been providing quality email leads since 1996. Our direct relationships with the data centers that generate 90% of the leads on the Internet allows us to provide the freshest and most responsive leads at the most affordable price. Our data feeds deliver leads daily or weekly so you never have to wonder where your next lead will come from. We are so confident that our prices can’t be beat that we guarantee it. If you show us a similar quality lead for a lower price, we will match that price and double your order.Continue your page here…

Opt In Leads

Every opt in lead comes with full contact information, date/time the lead was generated and IP information for Can Spam Compliance..

  • Consumer Leads
  • General Internet
  • Mass Email Marketing
  • Coregistration Leads
  • Data Feeds Available

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Opportunity Seekers

These are people who have requested information about income opportunities. Our leads are never oversold and are fresh and responsive.

  • Generic Biz Opp
  • Survey Leads
  • Form Filled Leads
  • Phone Verified Leads
  • Data Feeds Available

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Custom Leads

Order a specific domain like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. We can also target by state. If we don’t have it, we can get it at an affordable price.

  • By Domain
  • By Zip Code
  • Mixed Domains
  • By Gender
  • By Age

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Marketing Lead Feeds


Comparison Premium Opt In Feed Biz Op Lead Feed Financial Industry Feed International Bizop Feed
Delivery Schedule Daily Monday-Friday Daily Monday-Friday Weekly Daily 7 Days/Week
Quantity 1-2 Million Daily 20k-30k Daily 200k Weekly 200-400 Daily
Subscription Length 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Resell Rights
Data Hygiene
Personal Download
Premium Site Content
Bonus Downloads
Price 599.00/month
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The Massive Reseller Lead Feed

The most massive data feed on the Internet can now be yours to do with what you wish. Use it for your own personal marketing, resell it and take advantage of the huge demand for quality leads, share it with your downline and help them help you grow your business.

You get everything we get, when we get it. This includes custom orders and high end data as it comes in at different times during the month.


  • 600k Coregistration Leads Daily
  • 400k Premium Opt In Daily
  • 20K Bizop Daily
  • 15k Long Form Survey Weekly
  • 20K Credit Monitoring Daily
  • 200 to 400 International Bizop Daily
  • 20k Payday Loan Weekly
  • 10k Mortgage Weekly
  • 20K Auto Insurance Weekly
  • 50k EDU Weekly
  • Tons Of Custom Orders Monthly

ONLY $725 A MONTH!!!