"Smart"Ads Builder

It's Anything But Smart!

If You're Looking For A Headache, This May Be For You

If you've been with me awhile you know that I don't usually go out of my way to share a bad experience but this one was so bad I just had to warn you.

Like most people, I don't expect perfection and I consider myself a fairly patient person when it comes to bugs and glitches with new software. In fact, I've purchased more than 150 new products on JV Zoo over the past 2 years and have only asked for 2 refunds. Both times it was simply because the product wasn't what I'd expected and was of no use to me.

Smart Ads Builder is now the 1st piece of software that I've ever purchased that went wrong EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, starting with the welcome email all the way to the configuration. In fact, to date, I have not been able to get past step 1 in the setup process.

My Step by Step Experience

  • I Purchased The Product And Got The Welcome Email

    The first email I received contained my user name which was my purchase email and an auto generated password.

    When I entered the password I got : These credentials do not match our records.

    So I clicked the Lost Password link and it was a # url so nothing happened.

  • 2nd Email Arrived With My Purchase And Support Information

    When my login did not work I went to my inbox where I found a 2nd email titled “Smart Ad Builder Purchase Information”

    At this point I just wanted to have my password sent to me so I went looking for support. The support URL given in my email brought me to this page:

    As you can see, it’s an empty page with a support graphic on it that when clicked, opens the picture by itself.

    At this point I am now a bit worried about how well the software might work.

  • I Had To Do Some Digging To Find The Support Area

    I had to find the Smart ADS Builder sales page and was able to reach the actual support desk from there so I submitted my request for the password and proceeded to wait.

    After an hour I decided to go to the Facebook VIP page for Smart Ads but there is no way to message them until they approve the request to join the group so I went to the Admins individually and messaged them directly.

    Although I did not get a direct response from either of them, after another 20 minutes or so, I got an email with a new password that finally worked.

  • I Was Able To Login But It Didn't End There

    I was finally able to login to the site and found a getting started video on the welcome page. I love seeing these videos because I know that most issues are caused by user error and having a video right up front makes most of my experiences fairly clean and easy.


  • The Very Important Step Before I Can Use The Software

    The very first thing I saw above the welcome video is this:

    Welcome to Smart ADs Builder!


    Please Watch This Getting Started Overview Video FIRST BEFORE You Proceed

    I watched the video and like most Facebook Software the first step is to connect the software to your Facebook account.

    According to the video, it’s simple and easy and I’ve done this a million times with other software including the creation of apps from scratch.

    I click to access my account and must entire my username and password to authorize the app and guess what happens…

    Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

  • I'm Done And Tell Them To Refund My Payment

    Using support tickets, direct contact on Facebook and direct email I inform them that I’m done and want my money refunded. I can handle some minor glitches but I’m now 2 hours in and have not been able to complete a single task.

    I inform them that if I am not refunded I will review their product, or at least share my experience since I haven’t been able to use their product.

    That was yesterday.

  • I Got A Response To My Direct Contact On Facebook

    Tonight I was reviewing my accounts and saw that my payment had not been refunded.

    I went to my support ticket and saw that it was still pending so I went to Facebook to contact them directly again.

    I got this reply:

    This issue is Facebook related. You can resolve this by following the steps listed below.

    Visit facebook.com website then go to your settings, click “General”
    Look for your contact email – click edit – check to see if that email is
    the same email you used to purchase the smart ads builder app;.
    If its not, add the purchase email on Facebook.

    Facebook will ask you if you want to make a new account, Don’t do that so
    the email will be added as a secondary email to your Facebook account.
    Note: you will have to verify the new email before it will be added to your
    Facebook account.

    Now, go to your apps settings here https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applications
    and delete Smart Ads Builder App.

    Now, open smartadsbuilder.co and try to link your Facebook account.

    You are done!!

    Now, I purchased this software to use on my Facebook accounts so I has to be attached to my main, admin account. The email I am told has to be part of this process is an email address attached to an old and forgotten Facebook Account so I cannot add it to my main account.

    In  other words, this support fix is not a fix at all.

    I told them that they need to fix it on their end and add the email address I need to use or they need to refund me right away.

  • Still Waiting For A Refund

    No refund yet and obviously they haven’t change the email address on their end.

So There You Have It! DON'T DO IT!

So you see, not one single thing worked from start to finish and my issue is still not resolved.

The bottom line is this...


I'll get back to my helpful and positive messaging later this week.

For now, I'm just happy you've read this and will be sure to save yourself a major headache by avoiding this software.

Thanks For Letting Me Vent!