Engage Your Fans

The single most effective way to advertise on Facebook is by providing engaging, valuable and viral content to your Facebook Fanpage.  We will post highly valuable, relevant content that will engage your fans and build your following. We will also post your business promos to drive traffic to your offers. Create the promos yourself or let our pro do it for you.

Social Media Is More Than Just A Place To Share Funny Pictures Of Cats And The Latest Selfie You Took While Eating Dinner At Your Favorite Restaurant

Personality is everything in social media marketing. We’ll work with you to figure out what that personality is, and then we’ll convey that tone with every article we share and update we post. We’ll also identify thought leaders in your industry and interact with them on a regular basis, helping to raise your profile within the community. It’s social media marketing with a purpose, and it’s the only way we do things around here.

Highly Sharable Content

We will post highly shareable content that is applicable to your business. Photos, videos and MIMEs will all ling back to your main business page or whatever offer you want it to point to. Your posts will be professional and consistent so your followers will always have new, valuable content to browse.

Give Them Something To Like

The more likes you have on your page, the more money you can make from it. We will post content that is sure to generate lots of likes. With new posts daily,  your followers will be entertained, informed, trained and responsive. This is a true, set and forget service that will bring in prospects and clients to your business.

Business Promotional Posts

We will post your business promotional ads to drive sales and traffic to your business website. Decide how many promotional ads you want posted every week and we'll make sure they are done professionally and timely. Design them yourself or let our team of professionals do it for you.

Choose Your Facebook Content Delivery Service Level

Bronze Package
  • 1 Post Per Day 5 Days A Week
  • 1 Business Promo Weekly
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Silver Package
  • 2 Posts Daily 5 Days A Week
  • 2 Business Promos Weekly
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Gold Package
  • 2 Posts A Day 7 Days A Week
  • 2 Business Promos Weekly
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