Custom Leads - State/Domain

Begin Marketing has been providing the best marketing leads at the most affordable prices since 1996. We offer bulk leads with custom domain options. The pricing is based on the domain you are requesting so pricing can change drastically if your domain is rare.

NOTICEYou do not need to be a member to order leads. Simply choose the leads you want and click on the PAYMENT OPTIONS to pay for your leads.

Custom Domain/State Pricing

Please Be Aware That Custom Order Can Take Up To 72 Hours To Deliver

We charge a flat fee to filter out any 1 domain or State from 1 million leads.

There are 2 types of leads to choose from:

  1. Standard Leads:  These are general opt in leads and are better for mass email marketing.
  2. Premium Upgraded Leads:  These are the highest quality leads and are good for all marketing methods including email, SMS and direct mail.

Here's How It Works

When you order a specific domain like or or State like California or New York, we take 1 million of the freshest leads we have and filter all of your domain/state out of that 1 million leads.

You get all of the leads in that file of 1 million.

IMPORTANT: Free domains like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc... are used much more than other domains like,,, etc. so you will get fewer leads when you order less popular domains.

Also, larger states like California will have more leads than a small state like Utah.

For example, in 1 batch of 1 million leads there is an average of 300K Gmail leads while there are only around 10K Comcast leads.

You can order as many 1 Million filters as you like and you will get all of your requested domain from those filters.


Standard Optin Leads: 1 day to 30 days old with full contact information

1 MM Filter- $175
2MM Filter- $325
3MM Filter- $450
5MM Filter- $575

PREMIUM Optin Leads: 1 day to 30 days old with full contact information

1 MM Filter- $275
2MM Filter- $525
3MM Filter- $650
5MM Filter- $750

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NOTEYou Do NOT Need To Be A Member To Order Leads - Simply Click The Payment Options Button And Pay