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If you want to know if someone is serious about finding a home business opportunity ask them if they will put their money where their mouth is.  That's exactly what these prospects have done. These people have paid $49 using a major credit card for a generic home business information course so they're serious.

Tired Of Losing A Prospect The Moment They Find Out They Have To Pay Money?

The problem with trying to build an internet business is that most people who fill out information request forms don't want to have to actually pay money to start a business. You and I know that this is unrealistic but it's the nature of the beast.

Not these people..

These people are so serious that they've invested $49 in a generic home business information guide. This tells you that not only will they spend money on their business, they actually spent money to help find a business.

These are the type of people you want to talk to because this also shows that they will do whatever it takes to be successful in your business.

Serious Business Opportunity Prospects

At any other time and at any other site you could expect to pay no less than $1 a lead for these buyers. Because of our long-standing relationship with the publisher, we have exclusive access to these buyers at only 10 days old. Anyone else who buys these leads will buy them when they are 30 days old and they will pay more than you.

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5K Bizop Buyers 3rd Position
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