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From The Desk Of Michael Flores
-Begin Marketing Network

Dear Valued Customer, Fellow Marketer...

Every once in awhile a deal comes across my desk that is just too amazing to treat as normal. Today one of these deals has just come in and it's probably the best deal I've seen since the early 1990's.

I have just been given access to a business opportunity lead feed that is priced lower than the best price I've gotten in over a decade. There are only 30,000 of these leads daily so I am offering them in batches of 5000 leads weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

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Business Opportunity Partial Buyer Leads At 24 Hours Old...

For the price, Partial Buyer Leads are the best leads on the market for the price that they are sold. These are people who have actively searched out a business opportunity information product. They have filled out the information request form and confirmed their email address and desire to receive information about a business opportunity.

They are called Partial Buyers because they were redirected to a paid offer but for some reason decided not to buy the product that was offered. This can be for many reasons but the point is that they are Actively searching for a way to make money from home and they have confirmed this twice.

The average price to the general public for a Partial Buyer Lead is from 8 to 15 cents each. If you can find them for less than that you are usually getting a great deal.

This offer is so exciting because as a lead broker I have NEVER paid less than 5 cents for a 24 hour old Partial Buyer Lead.

So How Much Are They For These 30,000 Daily Leads?

You Can Get These Amazing Leads For Only 3 Cents Each!

100% Safe

All of these leads are completely TCPA compliant and safe to use for any and all types of marketing campaigns. This alone makes them worth 10 to 25 cents each. Load them into any auto responder system or text message marketing system and build your business on overdrive!

  • Email Marketing Broadcasts
  • Add Them To Your Auto Responder System
  • Load Them Into Your Dialer
  • Send Them SMS Messages
  • Send Your Direct Mail Pieces

Take A Look At A Sample Of The Leads And Terms Of Service

  • Partial Buyer Leads Sample
    Partial Buyer Leads Sample

    Download a 5k partial buyer leads file to see how they are formatted and what information is included in each 5k file. NOTE: The email and phone numbers have been removed.

  • Sample Terms Of Service
    Sample Terms Of Service

    Download a sample of the Terms and Conditions used to generate these Partial Buyer Leads. NOTE: All methods of marketing are covered.

Compare This Price With Any Similar Quality Lead

You can search the web for Partial Buyer Leads and you will never find anything even close to this price for the same quality lead.

Anyone selling you Partial Buyer Leads for less than 5 cents each is selling you complete junk and you'll be sharing your lead with at least 5 and probably more people.

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